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The Fiercely Feminine Podcast

Jun 25, 2020

In today's episode we chat about how racism is still present in sports to this day, primarily in hockey for people of color.  I interview both my husband, Dan Hickman and a close family Friend, Tyrone Garner who are both black and they share their own experiences playing hockey professionally and how racism impacted them personally as well as shedding light on the sports industry as a whole.  They share invaluable wisdom and coping techniques to really inspire and motivate us all, especially athletes today along with game-changing mindset hacks that will leave you feeling empowered AF!


Today's Guests & Where to find them:

Dan Hickman:
IG: @danielhitmon

Tyrone Garner:
IG: @garners_goalie_academy

Intro + Outro Music:  WAKE UP NOW by AGENDA 23

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